5 Unconventional Things To Do For Your Wedding

Everyone wants to make their wedding unique and special to them and sometimes traditions just don’t cut it! We’ve compiled a list of unconventional things you can do on your wedding day to make it stand out and leave you with lasting memories.

1. Eat Alone

unconventional wedding ideas

The big day can be overwhelming sometimes and many couples find they lose track of the time together between family, friends and photos. Request an area to eat at the reception alone so you can enjoy the time quietly with your new husband or wife before the party really gets started!

2. Do a First Look - Just the Bride and Groom!

wedding couple russell wilson ciara

If privacy is your thing - you should definitely try this. Weddings typically end up being about the guests more than the Newlyweds and the most important moments can often have the intimacy taken away from them. A first look is when the bride and groom see each other first, just the two of them. It gives you time to savor the moment just the two of you (and photographer if you want!) as well as giving the groom a chance to compose himself ;).

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3. Have Fun With The Food

wedding food truck

Three tiered cakes… boring! It’s time to get creative with the food at your wedding. Some fun ideas could be a taco truck, cookies ’n’ milk shots, or a brownie bar. People will be talking about it for weeks to come!

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4. Wear What You Want

wedding dress ciara

Ultimately, both the bride and groom need to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable on their wedding day. Have multiple fits, wear sneakers or rock a jumpsuit. You do you.

5. Go Dark

dark wedding cake

More and more couples are choosing to go dark on their wedding day saying goodbye to the white dress and cake. Black wedding dresses, place settings, suits and flowers will create a sultry vibe for your big day that will be unforgettable, plus there’s a fragrance to match…

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