The Making of R&C Fragrance

For all the lovers, R&C Fragrance by Ciara and Russell Wilson first entered the space in November 2020 with their unique and stunning duo fragrance, Original.

Two expertly crafted bottles that intertwine and connect magnetically, symbolizing an unbreakable connection of love and togetherness.

russell wilson fragrance

Ciara created the ‘C’ fragrance to represent the effortlessly sensual and cool woman that has a signature scent. She’s irresistible, memorable and turns heads in any room she walks into. C Original has top notes of juicy red berries, delicate freesia and fresh pink peppercorn. White florals and delicate peony sit in the middle, followed by notes of smooth musk and sandalwood in the base that blend into addictive notes of vanilla for an irresistible signature that lasts.

Russell crafted the ‘R’ fragrance reminiscing on the beginning of his relationship with Ciara when she would always ask him what scent he was wearing. A scent for a confident man that commands a room was the brief. Top notes consist of invigorating bergamot and black tea, blended with aromatic lavender and juicy pear blossom in the middle for a strong and dynamic energy. A smooth blend of patchouli, musk and vetiver drive the scent in the base, asserting an unmistakably sensual finish.

russell wilson fragrance

In 2021, we launched both Intense and Harmony Fragrance Duos. Housed in sleek matte black bottles, Intense represents a deep intimate connection between wearers and encapsulates scents with bolder and intoxicating notes. The Intense ‘C’ fragrance is indulgent and irresistible, with notes of amber, tonka bean and musks. Russell’s Intense ‘R’ fragrance is hypnotic and mysterious with wood, juniper, patchouli and red sage. Harmony’s metallic gold bottles house scents that are balanced and subtle. A reminder to couples that there is power in vulnerability and gentleness. Fluid and solar, Harmony ‘C’ opens with soft white petals and luminous musk, Sichuan pepper all wrapped up in clouds of amber. The salty rush of Harmony ‘R’ offers a blend of lavender and geranium along with luxurious vetiver and cedar wood.

russell wilson fragrance

Each creation of the R&C fragrance duo has been a process of innovation and creativity with love at the center. Scent evokes so much emotion, feelings and nostalgia and who better to share this with than the one you love.

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